Friday, January 21, 2005

Origami Place

In my origami place the sleeping geckos dream
Of flies, crumbs and insects with oishi feet.
Although its cold and the architect lean,
I maintain that my Origami Place is a treat!

Paper walls are the strongest of all,
For they can fold into a hundred shapes.
The heroic crane and then an octopus,
followed by a rabbit and then maybe an ape.

The car I leave behind my place can
Take me to work on time and with care,
but if I fold my house into the form of my choice,
it will bring me to work with flare!

Why just yesterday I followed my book,
and folded my house 89 times...
into a creature with fantastical looks,
and oh my, it got me there in time!

My creature was maroon with a purple tail,
a bird-like face, three wings and two noses.
Up and over the rooftops it sailed,
Landing on my poor neighbour's prize roses.

Today however, I'm refolding his face,
And I know I'll never fold him again.
Such is the way with my origami place,
Its shapes are unfoldable, destroying my friends.

As my days twist and turn in their weekly crease,
As I scrunch up new patterns in a feverish way,
I contemplate parchement - no less Japanese!
What we did before paper was endlessly play!

What art it is to show the steps of creativity!
The deep practice of ancient tradition.
From paper to boat in a moment's brevity.
Origami the new emblem of imagination.

The ingenious of paper is revealed again!
It bears the weight of invention and then
with scribbling pens and doodles and math,
We can contort this once tree into society's friend!

Indeed, however,yet and as such,
Origami's counterpart is the memo, the fax,
The Exam, the law and our memory crutch.
Why not combine origami fish with tax?!

We could make a floating lawsuit,
With seagull misdemeaners flying m-like above.
Certificate hats and instruction manual fruit,
Why not origami the making of love?

I could do that, you know I just might,
but now I'm hearing the geckos stir.
Best to lay this paper down for the night,
If I keep folding I risk that my memory will blur.

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Blogger Scott said...

Young Harrison, I think you're turning Japanese. I really think so. Next you'll be telling me that you read manga and practice aikido and worship Mino Monta. And I can't believe that you have a car, because, for me, the essence of Japan is riding on a train, day in, day out, year in, year out. Looks like you've found other essences. (That's not an obscene statment. I swear. Honto.)

Good luck with the origami. Next time I see you I expect to see YOU in different patterns. And I'm totally there for the 10 K in Koizumi-Land, next time I get some time off, which will happen, um, no time soon, unfortunately. But when it does, I'll be there. And you're totally welcome in Cambodia. But why would anyone want to even GO to Cambodia. I mean -- Wait. I live there, don't I. Damn. Just watch out for the mines...

11:39 p.m.  

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